david L. Walton, President and managing partner

Additional Information

 Rill Energy LLC traces its roots to Ralph Walton and his Sparta Oil Company which began a 50-year quest of wildcat drilling along the Gulf Coast of the United States in 1930.  This single bloodline exists to his only grandson, David Walton, who began his oil-and-gas journey in early 1979, just completing his 37th year.  We are now in the mineral, engineering, oil and gas accounting, seismic, and minerals procurement business with well over 150 years of combined "grease beneath our nails". 

Mr. Walton studied at The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a BBA in Organizational Behavior and Management from The University of Houston and then received his JD from South Texas College of Law.


We're primarily a family company who have all cut our teeth in the oil and gas exploration and production business.   

Rill Energy LLC participates in all aspects of the energy business and welcomes submissions of all oil and gas-related opportunities.

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